• With Cloudeware it never rains

Cloudeware - Content Management is changing

Most websites use a Content Management System. Some of the options available are very, very good - so why create another one?

Cloudeware is different. It's a set of modules and applications which you can add to a website to enhance it with advanced functionality - without needing to be a programmer (or even a designer). These include elements of "traditional" CMS - such as adding a blog or allowing a third party to edit your pages.

But it doesn't stop there - because Cloudeware is based in the cloud and modular, we're always working on adding new features which you can incorporate into your sites - and supplementary applications which will help you to create, promote and enjoy running your website.

Cloud Based

  • Web-based admin interface
  • Manage your content from anywhere
  • Your Data backed up regularly
  • Pay for what you need (and use)
  • Support Available

Easy to Use

  • Designed for users, not developers
  • Paste snippets into existing pages
  • Configurable & Customisable themes
  • WYSIWYG editing and Preview
  • Advanced integration options


  • Code-Free simple integration
  • Wrappers for .NET and PHP
  • SOAP API available to all users
  • Install Framework via FTP
  • Content Delivery Network for Images