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Cloudeware - Not just the ABCs

To us, it's about more than just "Content". A website is a lot more than just text - and that's what Cloudeware aims to bring you. As well as the core Content Management module, Cloudeware is intended to be a suite of modules, apps and tools to help you make the most out of your website.

Scheduler (aka "Overlord")

Developers and Designers! Ever wished for a cloud-based equivalent to UNIX 'cron'? Well, now it's here as Cloudeware brings you Overlord - a powerful scheduling engine which will call a URL of your choice (or make a parameterised call to a SOAP WebService) based on the schedule you define.

With a variety of options including returning the results (or contents) of the call by email upon execution, Cloudeware Scheduler is just what you need to automate tasks within a project for your clients.

Feeds (aka "FeedMe")

Looking for an easy, convenient and reliable way to syndicate your Blog posts to your Social Media accounts? Look no further! Cloudeware Feeds allows you to set up your own "Feeds" which consist of an RSS Feed which should be read and posted to one or more Social Media accounts.

Supporting Facebook (personal profiles and pages), Twitter and LinkedIn, Feeds allows you to set the schedule and number of items which should be posted - as well as including features to ensure items are only posted once and that back-dated posts are optionally included.

Content Management (CMS) - Coming Soon

Content Management - the ability to easily create editable regions, blog-rolls (check out our blog, which is powered by Cloudware CMS) and flexible, dynamic content is at the very heart of Cloudeware. And that's one of the reasons that this functionality is currently in closed beta testing. As soon as it gets the seal of approval from our beta-testers, we will be opening it up for all of you to enjoy.