• Our pricing is simple

Pay for what you need, when you need it...

When we were planning Cloudeware, one of our biggest gripes with the "typical" Software-as-a-Service offering was that you were forced to choose from a limited set of plans - and quite often none of them would be quite right for what you needed.

That's why we charge a flat base fee per subscription (smaller for simpler Apps and Modules) plus a charge for the level of usage which you require - be that the number of jobs you want to run in Scheduler or the amount of Content you need to store.

Top up your account in advance, with the services you're using - at the level you need - for however long you want.

Oh, and if you're a registered charity, we'll give you 50% off.

Content Management (CMS)

£10 per month for a single site (domain), with a 10mb content quota. £2.50 per month per extra domain and £0.15 per month per 1mb extra quota.

Scheduler (Overlord)

£5 per month for one scheduled task (job). £0.25 per month per extra scheduled task (job).

Optional £0.50 per month per extra 'concurrent execution' (if you expect to run a large number of tasks and need to expedite their execution).

Feeds (FeedMe)

£5 per year (£0.42 per month) for a subscription including one feed (which can be distributed to as many places as you like).

£0.20 per month per additional feed.

Our free trial really is...

When you sign up (or activate a new module within an existing account), you'll be able to use it at the most basic level for 2 months, absolutely free.

And no 'put in your card details so we can bill you if you forget to cancel your account' nonsense. Don't want it? Don't pay for it!